Welcome  Hashage A Social Media Marketing Agency


Our Interactive strategy is to develop a dialogue between brand and consumers. 


To be a creative agency intently focused on creating unique campaigns with divirsified team.


To meet the social media marketing needs of businesses, non-profit organizations.

Hashage is a social media marketing agency to promote your brand and engage with your audience, or as a vehicle for lead generation, we elevate the process to gain traffic, attract new customers, and elevate your online presence in ways that are uniquely targeted to your needs and the needs of your audience.

Moreover, we train social media teams.


We measure our success against how we benefit the community
We all succeed when we pull together
Curiosity fuels our marketing strategies.


Why to chose Hashage?

We develop digital brand strategies over social media, products and services that matter to your target group by and 
engagement, sales and loyalty.
No. 1 in CSR Promo activities

Our aim is to embrace the the responsibility for an organization's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public.

Training by SM Champs

We are making a way to the developing marketing of SM through highly experienced trainers who have a thorough knowledge of local market and regulations. They provide training customized to your needs and help you building your skills. We make it sure

Diversified Regional Team

We are a structured firm that believe in the need of having collective push towards recognizing the need for diverse thinkers. We approach to our clients with highly diversified regional experienced team which is best to focus on a common goal and work towards a universal solution.

No long contracts

We are at high valued preference of providing ease to our clients by offering 'Customized' time period frame while they are looking to shake hand for decisive work contracts with any developed firm.

You Talk, We listen

We understand exactly what our clients needs and wants lies at the heart of our approach to law. We Believe that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to adding value to clients relationship. This consequently lead towards developing bespoke services to suit each relationship. We keep listening from clients to feed the market standards back.

Socially Responsible

While working we focus on ethical framework to 'Go Green' for the surroundings. We are a socially sensitive firm with principles and standards.

Road Map to Drive Success For You

Clients' Goals

Discover / Design


Monitor / Analyze

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Page Likes, Sponsored Posts, Live Videos Management

Instagram Influence

Increase Your Insta Followers, Interactive Stories

Twitter Trends

Your Hashtag in trending panel

Linkedin Campaign


Youtube Views

Maximum reach to your targeted audience

Google Ads

Your ads on popular websites

Diversified Team Hashage has number of years experience in local and international market of social media campaigns to social media management of all major social sites. 

Creative, Dedicated, Driven, Punctual Drivers behind empowering your business

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Price Packages

Request for Customized Package can also be done on Email/Whatsapp Message.
  • Social Media Startegy

  • Content Creation

  • 3 Months Step by Step Consulting

  • High Quality Visuals

  • Perfect Design For Professionals

  • 24/7 Pages Moderation

$ 150

10+ posts, 1 video Whatsapp/instagram stories 1500 Page Likes2,50,000 Page Reach24,999 per month in PKR

$ 300

20+ posts, 2 videos Whatsapp/instagram stories 2500 Page Likes5,00,000 Page Reach Professional Photography 50,000 per month in PKR

$ 600

30+ posts, 3 videos Whatsapp/instagram stories 10,000 Page Likes10,00,000 Page Reach Professional Photography Digital PR 100,000 per month in PKR

For any work proposal, write us an email:

1, Khno 200/13-12, Islam Nagar/Walton Road, Lahore Cant.

Ph# 92342 4545823